education smallSafety and Inventory in one convenient place.

Keep track of both students and school equipment with rInsight.
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Leave no student behind with a fixed reader installed in buses or school entrance.
education icon copy Keep within budget by taking inventory of technology, books and cafeteria supplies with ease and simplicity.
education icon copy Track any missing items with our built-in RSSI feature (Geiger counter).







Katrina 14501Take the manual work out of item tracking.

Never lose valuable resources in a time of need.
non profit icon Make sure a truck of supplies has all the pieces needed to help those in turmoil.
non profit icon Keep track of your assets so you won't need to order replacements.
non profit icon Find that one item needed with our RSSI tracker (Geiger Counter).
non profit icon Save more lives by keeping your essentials stocked at all times.





TTT Solutions are specialized for Education & Non-Profits. We provide a mix of premium standard and on-metal tags for application to tools, machines, and planters. The handheld reader is perfect for both finding missing tools, taking inventories, while the fixed reader is ideal for choke-points to monitor items as they move between rooms or buildings.

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If your company has a mix of high and low-value items, we can demonstrate that our solution will pay for itself within 4-6 months. Guaranteed.

Let us show you why the latest technology is a higher level of business-ready than previous generations, and why our solution fits within any budget and gives almost immediate benefits. 

Contact us at 844-548-5824 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.