rInsightTM Fixed is the extension of rInsight Mobile and Portal products to fixed RFID readers and theft-deterrence. With these additional features, a business or organization of any size instantly has the most powerful and affordable enterprise tracking and asset risk reduction solution available anywhere. We are currently the only partner working with Brady's new IOT RFID device, Censys.

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1           Executive Review

RFID currently has a small footprint in the SME (small-to-midsized enterprises, defined as fewer than 2500 employees and less than $500M annual revenue) market, for several reasons – price, complexity of commissioning the tags and applications, and oversell of the “magic” of RFID and the bad reputation that led to retrenchment to barcode solutions. Only the big boys have been able to play the RFID game till now, usually at a price point of ~$10K per user/device when considering reader, tags, software, and training.

The industry has been crying for years for an out-of-the-box solution that will simplify the entire RFID commissioning/provisioning process and be easy enough to set up and use to fit the practical needs of smaller businesses and institutions. Many in the industry have been baffled by the failure of large vendors of readers and ERP to provide such. Naturally, their proprietary integrated readers were a golden goose of profit, so why change? Until TSL hit the market with a BYOD reader (“bring your own device” for holstering iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth connectivity) reader and a small company named Verbi Inc. came along with a powerful app to leverage these readers two years ago.

Supply Insight recently acquired the exclusive rights to the Verbi app, and has extended its capabilities to a degree that it can now claim to be the only true off-the-shelf (OTS), BYOD app for RFID tracking that is affordable for small business, government/military departments, educational institutions, and non-profits. It has several features that give credibility to its uniqueness claim, and show why it’s the only appropriate item tracking solution for companies and institutions looking for a measureable return on investment. The rInsightTM Mobile app works in tandem with the rInsightTM Portal, a SaaS cloud-based back-end, and rInsightTM Enterprise, a fixed-reader capability, to achieve true mission-critical tracking solutions in an affordable package with a small footprint.

2           Design Approach

One should never overlook the importance of clean design in customer acceptance (as one example, Apple is a design company more-so than a tech company). Supply Insight‘s rInsightTM has 95% of the features of the large ERP/MRP players like SAP, Oracle, IBM and the like, while eliminating that 5% which adds all the clutter, complexity, training, and cost. rInsightTM is simple to learn and use, but with powerful features that are only seen in much more expensive enterprise apps, allowing easy entry with automatic scalability as the company’s needs grow.

3           rInsightTM App Unique Features

The rInsightTM Mobile iOS app has unique features designed in collaboration with considerable input from industry-knowledgeable VARs and users to specifically eliminate the major pain-points of traditional inventory systems and supply-chain tracking, including: