Managing assets and inventory is the “secret killer” of operations in today's business:

  • Work in Process? Remove the glitches in work orders, Bill of Materials, take-offs, sample-tracking in healthcare, in fact any movement process.
  • Misplaced tools and equipment? They impair operations and hit the bottom line directly.
    Theft and lost items? These average 4-6% of gross revenues lost annually across all businesses.
  • Cycle count nightmares? The traditional way is expensive, inaccurate, time-consuming, and unnecessary. rInsight does accurate cycle counts in 1/20 of the time.

We’ve eliminated these revenue-killers with our turnkey RFID/barcode solutions by using the power of RFID and cutting-edge technology to give you 24/7 views of your item status ... Affordably:


TTT-Flow ($4,999.00) - handheld reader, one (1) fixed reader, two (2) antennas, 75 mixed-use tags, iPod + mobile app, portal, BI, data import assistance & training.

TTT flow bundle image 200k

If your company has over 500 high-value or high-risk items, we can demonstrate that our combo RFID/Barcode solution will pay for itself within 4-6 months. Guaranteed.

Let us show you why the latest technology is another level of business-ready than previous generations, and why our solution fits within any budget and gives almost immediate benefits.


Our TTT hardware partners are uniquely powerful.

CS108 263x300




Our TTT tag partners have the perfect tag for every situation.

We are the tag experts - on-metal and standard

  • tagsVisinex, a made-in-USA with the best on-metal tags to be found anywhere
  • Omni, an industry leader in on-metal tags for oil and gas, rugged locations, etc.
  • Xerafy, an up and coming innovator in the hardened industrial and specialty tag arena
  • Alien, a quality and affordability leader for general-use tags across an array of industries
  • Metalcraft, top-of-the-line customized tags for difficult specialized situations
  • Molex, high-quality RFID-ready connectors, cables, and opticals
  • MPI, every imaginable label, and custom encoding to enhance your brand

rInsight exposes a suite of REST APIs for companies that wish to directly integrate their ERP or MRPII systems (such as SAP, Oracle, E2, etc.) with the rInsight item tracking Portal. 

InventoryMgtSupply Insight is an end-to-end solutions company for small to mid-size businesses (SMBs), government agencies, education, and non-profits. As the only vendor providing an affordable, do-it-yourself RFID/barcode tracking solution, we can start small and grow with you as you grow. Often businesses don't have a full-time IT staff or proper wiring or internal best-practices experts. That's where we come in.

Supply Insight delivers two critical services for businesses or organizations on their first plunge into RFID, or in situations where they need to improve their existing item-tracking process or expand an existing tracking system.

Our Practical Business Process offering helps companies align an RFID/barcode solution with their existing employee capabilities and business process. This goes for government, education, and non-profits as well. It's affordable, practical, and fast. Money well-spent for any size of enterprise, from the smallest to the largest.

Our Practical Installation and Integration offering is designed to give customers a one-stop shop for selecting, installing, and integrating fixed readers with their existing network and wi-fi. If a network doesn't yet exist, our certified integrators will install the wiring, servers and hot-spots necessary to get up and running.

rInsightTM Fixed is the extension of rInsight Mobile and Portal products to fixed RFID readers and theft-deterrence. With these additional features, a business or organization of any size instantly has the most powerful and affordable enterprise tracking and asset risk reduction solution available anywhere. We are currently the only partner working with Brady's new IOT RFID device, Censys.

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1           Executive Review

RFID currently has a small footprint in the SME (small-to-midsized enterprises, defined as fewer than 2500 employees and less than $500M annual revenue) market, for several reasons – price, complexity of commissioning the tags and applications, and oversell of the “magic” of RFID and the bad reputation that led to retrenchment to barcode solutions. Only the big boys have been able to play the RFID game till now, usually at a price point of ~$10K per user/device when considering reader, tags, software, and training.

The industry has been crying for years for an out-of-the-box solution that will simplify the entire RFID commissioning/provisioning process and be easy enough to set up and use to fit the practical needs of smaller businesses and institutions. Many in the industry have been baffled by the failure of large vendors of readers and ERP to provide such. Naturally, their proprietary integrated readers were a golden goose of profit, so why change? Until TSL hit the market with a BYOD reader (“bring your own device” for holstering iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth connectivity) reader and a small company named Verbi Inc. came along with a powerful app to leverage these readers two years ago.

Supply Insight recently acquired the exclusive rights to the Verbi app, and has extended its capabilities to a degree that it can now claim to be the only true off-the-shelf (OTS), BYOD app for RFID tracking that is affordable for small business, government/military departments, educational institutions, and non-profits. It has several features that give credibility to its uniqueness claim, and show why it’s the only appropriate item tracking solution for companies and institutions looking for a measureable return on investment. The rInsightTM Mobile app works in tandem with the rInsightTM Portal, a SaaS cloud-based back-end, and rInsightTM Enterprise, a fixed-reader capability, to achieve true mission-critical tracking solutions in an affordable package with a small footprint.

2           Design Approach

One should never overlook the importance of clean design in customer acceptance (as one example, Apple is a design company more-so than a tech company). Supply Insight‘s rInsightTM has 95% of the features of the large ERP/MRP players like SAP, Oracle, IBM and the like, while eliminating that 5% which adds all the clutter, complexity, training, and cost. rInsightTM is simple to learn and use, but with powerful features that are only seen in much more expensive enterprise apps, allowing easy entry with automatic scalability as the company’s needs grow.

3           rInsightTM App Unique Features

The rInsightTM Mobile iOS app has unique features designed in collaboration with considerable input from industry-knowledgeable VARs and users to specifically eliminate the major pain-points of traditional inventory systems and supply-chain tracking, including:

Portal Select InventoryrInsight™ Portal is a secure cloud application for consolidating, synchronizing, and sharing inventory and asset data across an organization. It enhances the power and ease of use for any business or organization, whether using one reader or a thousand readers.

With rInsight™ Portal, you have 24/7 worldwide visibility into your asset and bulk inventory data, over wifi or cellular networks. You can manage groups or divisions separately, or assign locations based on corporate structure rather than per device. You can scale from a few thousand on a local device to hundreds of thousands of items. The import-export and reporting features are also more advanced than those on rInsight™ Mobile.

Please call us at 844-548-5824 to get your questions answered or schedule a demo. Whatever industry or segment your business or organization is in, or whatever your size, we have a solution that fits your financial and business process needs.Portal Asset

rInsight™ - A Practical Business Solution with Proven Return on InvestmentMain Screen

rInsight™ Mobile is the world’s first enterprise-quality, easy-to-use BYOD (bring your own device) inventory and asset management platform currently available with offline capability and support for advanced combo barcode and UHF RFID readers from TSL, ASR and Zebra. Available in both offline (Mobile) and enterprise cloud (Portal) editions.

rInsight ™ – Easy … Affordable … Guaranteed Satisfaction

For a small annual subscription and DIY installation, you can quickly get started with an enterprise-quality system equivalent to what Fortune 500s use, for a fraction of the price and dramatically simplified for a superior user experience. A 30-day free trial is available. After purchase, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription and receive a prorated refund for the unused portion of your subscription.

rInsight ™ Mobile – Powerful Features in a Simple Package

Once your device is bluetooth-paired with your smartphone or tablet, simply swipe to reveal the left menu, then click Connect to run the app on the device. Import and export locations, assets, item masters and items via the web app or mobile app in common formats. Take Inventory by selecting Inventory Type (Asset/Serialized or Bulk Item) and Detailed or Summary View, then start scanning by Location. Surprisingly simple, yet so effective. Reduce theft, find items, track workflows, take photos, etc. all in one place.