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Since its founding in 2004, Supply Insight has been a leader in Auto-ID software. Our middleware product, rPlatform™ was first certified as ALE and RP compliant by EPC Global in 2006, and MandatePLUS™ was the first complete DoD Supply Chain compliance product available to the industry. Supply Insight now offers a suite of Auto-ID products designed to accommodate large and small enterprises. Our products lead the way in supporting many industry-specific best practices.


Our latest products, TTT-Finder, TTT-Flow, and TTT-Smart, advance the art of RFID item tracking by rInsight™ Mobile™ is a mobile application that uniquely combines asset management and inventory control functions from an iOS device coupled with advanced TSL 1128, 1153, and 1166 readers and the new ruggedized CS108 reader from CSL, giving facilities the first-ever BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution for power and ease of use, while cutting costs by 65 - 80% over competing solutions.


In one session, barcode or RFID reads can be made for either assets or goods, with rInsight™ Mobile automatically determining the type and status of the item. Unique features such as the "Geiger-counter" finder function lend practical real-world usefulness to assets and inventory, allowing quicker and mistake-free inventory-taking and asset control. Check-in/check-out and transfer features enable the total control of workflows for any physical item, whether a fixed/movable asset, a person, or a document, so that location, item, and user access can be monitored, tracked and logged.


Our most advanced product, rInsight™ Portal, extends the mobile application to a high-throughput Cloud (SaaS) solution that meets both the affordability needs of small businesses and the scalability and power needs of large enterprises. The back-end implementation of rInsight™ Portal can alternatively run from an on-premise server behind the corporate firewall. The rInsight™ Portal system has critical enterprise features including multi-level rapid data synchronization, reporting by selectable criteria, “smart locations”, and user and group collaboration and control.


Recent product additions include rInsight™ Fixed (RIF), integrating the Censys IOT fixed RFID reader from Brady, the first of its kind in the industry, with breakthrough ease of installation and affordability; and rInsight™ API (RIA), which exposes the Portal microservices to easily and more tightly integrate into a customer’s ERP or MRP2 system.


The technology industry today is marked by rapidly-changing business and institutional needs coupled with an overwhelming acceleration of available innovations. In this environment, systems that provide a pluggable framework and mobile access to ensure future upgrades at minimal cost or dislocation to clients are business-critical. rInsight™ Mobile and Portal have shaped its strategy around this reality to provide comprehensive solutions that give customers optimal flexibility with the highest return on investment and simplicity of user training and on-the-ground usability.